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What is a Catalogue?

A catalogue is an entrepreneurial advertisement which is created in order to promote a company’s products and services.

A catalogue is the tidiest way for a company to exhibit its products and services. Generally, this graphic piece includes several images that depict the products and services promoted. It is mainly a visual piece.

Usually, catalogues show a series of products and services promoted by a certain company. However, they can also be used to create an individual and very detailed presentation of one particular product by describing, for example, its materials characteristics, main functions, physical appearance, pertinent technique specifications and all the corresponding clarifications about the product. When presenting a service, a catalogue should include its fundamental features, different uses or functions, advantages of its application to a specific discipline, its conveniences, technique specifications and contracting conditions. A catalogue is the meeting point between the company and its prospective clients; and for this reason, catalogues may contain not only information about the company’s products and services but also information about the company itself. Catalogues are good opportunities for you to introduce your company into the audience, since you may include photos of your buildings, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address, website, brief review of the company’s characteristics, objectives and dreams, staff introduction, etc.

Nevertheless, all these elements depend on the type of catalogue you prefer: a complete catalogue which includes products and services information together with information referring to the company will be a long catalogue with specific distribution conditions, special paper quality, a well written text, etc. On the other hand, a catalogue showing the month offers will be much simpler, will not introduce the company, will be printed on a cheaper paper with little or no written content, etc.

A catalogue properly designed will change according to the type of presentation you prefer. It’s not correct to present the month offers on a complex and expensive catalogue which demands too much work. And it’s neither correct to create a complex presentation of your company and its products and services through a too simple or not very elaborated design. In this regard, you must know the differences between the various types of presentations, so that you can use the right catalogue for each one.

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