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Visual Coherence in a Catalogue

When the process of designing a new catalogue gets started, it must be taken into account that this graphic piece is not the first element of a company’s corporate image. A corporate image is basically made out of a corporate logo, followed by a brochure, Web site, e-mail templates, business cards, packaging and then, a catalogue. Therefore, a new catalogue design will have to respond to its preceding elements. Design and visual coherence (keeping visual criteria; it means, colors combinations, images, logos, uniform typography, etc.) are essential elements to have a solid corporate identity. For this reason, it is so important to respect the pre-existing criteria.

Visual coherence will make your catalogue be recognized as characteristic of your company. In addition, the catalogue itself will be one more step to build your company’s corporate image.

We will give you an example to make this point clearer.

A company has designed an austere logo which tries to get across a message related to tradition. According to this criterion, this firm tries to remark an austere message and an attachment to traditional values in the rest of its corporate image elements designs. Then, sober colors combinations are used in all its designs; and its corporate image elements are designed with small and classic typography and with pictures regarding the family. This way, you can create your company’s image through graphic designs; and by doing so, the public can relate to this image as they feel close to the values it proclaims. Nevertheless, one day, this company decides to develop and distribute a catalogue containing a colorful, big striking typography and huge products pictures. This is a very common type of catalogue; yet, in this case, it would be a serious mistake. As a result of breaking corporate image visual coherence and designs abruptly readers won’t be able to recognize your company, since they are used to finding a traditional and austere design. Consumers could even dislike this new design, which may cause a bad effect on your company’s image.

We don’t mean there are bad or good designs a priori, since this depends on the context. The important thing is to keep the visual coherence which identifies your company.

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