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Catalogue Paper Stock

As said before, a catalogue is mainly visual. However, it has also another characteristic which can be skillfully used: the tactile aspect.

Even though the sense of sight plays the most important role in catalogues design, -through photographs, colors, etc-, the sense of touch is also very important. Through the touch, readers can perceive many things. Tactile communication can make a catalogue be welcome by the public.

We will point out two different aspects regarding paper use. It is greatly important to be able to know what type of paper you should use for each type of catalogue; to assess whether the use of certain type of paper could affect your profits. If you had plenty of money to spend you could choose the better and most expensive paper quality. But, as this is not an actual fact, since resources are limited, you should keep rigorous criteria when choosing the suitable paper for each catalogue.

The combination of these two main paper characteristics will always add effectiveness to your catalogue, as long as cost-benefit relationship is properly assessed.

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Catalogue Paper Stock

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