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Electronic Catalogues

e-catalogues are electronic catalogues. They are used either to be presented on a website or to be sent by e-mail. This type of catalogues differs from ordinary printed catalogues we have been describing so far.

There are certain trends which affirm e-catalogues are superior to printed ones. This is true only in certain aspects. We shouldn’t forget the benefits of printed catalogues material aspect. Even though the following e-catalogues characteristics are very convenient for a company, they don’t make a catalogue largely superior. Material aspect, the possibility of having a catalogue in hand, creates a special relationship between a catalogue and its readers.

Now, having already clarified this point, we move on to enumerate and explain the special and interesting e-catalogues features.

E-catalogues shouldn’t be regarded as a substitution of printed catalogues; on the contrary, they should be considered as complements. Developing an e-catalogue is highly necessary nowadays, since if a company is not present on the Internet is practically unknown.

Types of Catalogues

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Types of Electronic Catalogues

What is a Catalogue?

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Electronic Catalogues

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