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Catalogue Importance

The main objective of a catalogue is to promote the products and services offered by your company. A catalogue layout properly designed must show your company’s products or services arranged neatly, so that they can be easily recognized; and, at the same time, it must look attractive to improve your sales. In addition, the catalogue layout must be strategically arranged in order to give more importance to certain items or to make the catalogue look more eye-catching. Finally, the visual coherence on which a company’s corporate image is supported must be kept.

A catalogue may promote products within promotional packages or little known products; it may inform the audience about the new comfort and convenience of a service or it can simply contain small businesses’ month offers.

Developing a suitable catalogue allows you to have one of your shop windows in prospective customers’ homes, inviting them to know and buy your products from their houses.

In order to be efficient, a catalogue needs your company’s help. What we mean? Your company can optimize catalogues’ results by including a telephone or online purchase service in its organization. That way, the audience will find your products arranged in a tidy and eye-catching way; and only a few minutes will go by from the moment they feel interested to the moment they get in touch with your company. This is a very convenient option since it prevents delay between the intention of buying a well exhibited product and the purchase of the product. Due to this delay, the prospective buyer may forget or change his mind about the idea of buying your product. You can prevent this from happening and, instead, improve your sales significantly by promoting a telephone or online purchase service, in addition to a well designed catalogue. As the main objective of a catalogue is to make the audience buy your products or services, it can also include information about delivery conditions and methods of payment offered by your company through telephone or online purchase.

Catalogues have a secondary function which is also worthy of remark: the introduction of the company together with its products or services. This way of presentation will make prospective customers become familiar with your company and rely on it. Furthermore, your catalogue will acquire a less commercial appearance and it will appear in the public eye as a company’s desire to introduce itself correctly, and not as a mere interest in selling. The publication of this type of catalogue is, of course, sporadic, since the next publications will be just confined to advertise products and services. However, a sporadic publication introducing your company is an important marketing and advertising tool.

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